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OpenFlights Airports Database

Aeropuertos, estaciones de tren y terminales de ferry del mundo

[Descripción] As of January 2017, the OpenFlights Airports Database contains over 10,000 airports, train stations and ferry terminals spanning the globe. Each entry contains the following information:

  • Airport ID: Unique OpenFlights identifier for this airport.
  • Name: Name of airport. May or may not contain the City name.
  • City: Main city served by airport. May be spelled differently from Name.
  • Country: Country or territory where airport is located.
  • IATA/FAA: 3-letter FAA code, for airports located in Country "United States of America". 3-letter IATA code, for all other airports. Blank if not assigned.
  • ICAO 4-letter: ICAO code. Blank if not assigned.
  • Latitude: Decimal degrees, usually to six significant digits. Negative is South, positive is North.
  • Longitude: Decimal degrees, usually to six significant digits. Negative is West, positive is East.
  • Altitude: In feet.
  • Timezone: Hours offset from UTC. Fractional hours are expressed as decimals, eg. India is 5.5.
  • DST: Daylight savings time. One of E (Europe), A (US/Canada), S (South America), O (Australia), Z (New Zealand), N (None) or U (Unknown). 
  • Tz database time zone: Timezone in "tz" (Olson) format, eg. "America/Los_Angeles".
  • Type: Type of the airport. Value "airport" for air terminals, "station" for train stations, "port" for ferry terminals and "unknown" if not known. 
  • Source: Source of this data. "OurAirports" for data sourced from OurAirports, "Legacy" for old data not matched to OurAirports (mostly DAFIF), "User" for unverified user contributions. In airports.csv, only source=OurAirports is included.

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