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WORLDCLIM - Global climate and weather data


[Descripción] WorldClim is a database of high spatial resolution global weather and climate data. These data can be used for mapping and spatial modeling. You can download gridded weather and climate data for historical (near current) and future conditions.

  • WorldClim version 2.1 climate data for 1970-2000, There are monthly climate data for minimum, mean, and maximum temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed, water vapor pressure, and for total precipitation. There are also 19 “bioclimatic” variables.
  • Historical monthly weather data, Historical monthly weather data for 1960-2018. These data are downscaled from CRU-TS-4.03 by the Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, using WorldClim 2.1 for bias correction. The variables available are average minimum temperature (°C), average maximum temperature (°C) and total precipitation (mm). 
  • Future climate data,  The data available here are CMIP6 downscaled future climate projections. The downscaling and calibration (bias correction) was done with WorldClim v2.1 as baseline climate. Monthly values of minimum temperature, maximum temperature, and precipitation were processed for 23 global climate models (GCMs), and for four Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSPs): 126, 245, 370 and 585. The monthly values were averages over 20 year periods (2021-2040, 241-2060, 2061-2080, 2081-2100). 

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[Formato] Ráster: geotiff.
[Resolución espacial / Escala] Varias resoluciones según los conjuntos de datos entre 30'' (~1 km2) y 10' (~340 km2).
[SRS] EPSG:4326
[Licencia] Variable, aunque las descargas son libres, deben verificarse en las páginas de cada producto; por ejemplo, para los datos futuros, 
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